The festival season will soon have its unofficial opening here in Ukraine, where the fun will continue well on into the late days of September. Getting bigger and better with every season, this year should be the best yet as bands and performers from all over the world will be taking their rightful spots on

Cog railway (funicular) on Vladimirskaya hill is not only Kiev pecularity, but also the most swift and convenient way to get from Podol to the Upper city, to Mikhailovskaya square. Funicular history Idea of mechanical cog railway on the Dnieper hills was discussed by Kiev engineers many times. For the first time it was suggested

Landscape Alley got to the list of Kyiv attractions recently, which, however, did not prevent it from becoming very popular city attraction, a favorite spot for locals and exciting part of walking route for tourists. Alley is located on Old Kiev Hill, which in the past was the center of ancient Kyiv. In X-XIII centuries

Dozens of street food vendors and rising young restaurateurs will offer their food at the Street Food Festival that takes in Kyiv every month! On the menu this time: Cuban sandwiches, corn dogs, bruschetta, Belgian waffle sandwiches, and more.

Kyiv is a safe city, but as in any big city, visitor can expect some nasty surprises or dangers. They can be avoided if you behave cautiously. What to watch out at the airports: Don’t leave your valuable things in luggage, take them in hand-baggage. Use Taxi kiosk at the airport if needed, but don’t