Dangers of the city. What to watch out?!

Kyiv is a safe city, but as in any big city, visitor can expect some nasty surprises or dangers. They can be avoided if you behave cautiously.

What to watch out at the airports:

  • Don’t leave your valuable things in luggage, take them in hand-baggage.

  • Use Taxi kiosk at the airport if needed, but don’t accept offers of random taxi-drivers that will be waiting in the lobby of the terminal. If you decided to use the services of a random taxi, first of all, agree on the cost of the trip. Ask us how to get into the city fast, safe and for a fair price!

  • Don’t change much currency at the airport. Usually, there is quite a low exchange rate.

Things to avoid in the streets:

  • keep an eye on your things, don’t let pickpockets assign your stuff.

  • don’t respond to suspicious proposals of strangers on the street , this might be fraudulence.

  • сheck the change at the cash-desk, check money at the window of exchange kiosk or office.

  • avoid contacts with gypsies, never will happen nothing good, if you get in touch with gypsies.

  • avoid provocations of drunk people.

If you travel by car, do not leave things visible inside of the car, put everything in the luggage compartment.

Behave politely and nothing bad will happen! Take care of yourself! 🙂


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