International Women’s Day in Ukraine
International Women's Day

8th of March or International Women’s Day is the official holiday which celebrates achievements of women in political, economic and social fields. This day is very popular in Ukraine and is a public holiday.

How the holiday appeared?

The origin of International Women’s Day is sending us back to ancient Roman culture, when single women and girls asked for a blessing of the Goddess Vesta. They dressed in their best clothes and the most expensive jewelry to demonstrate the favor of the gods. Husbands and fathers presented their ladies small gifts in honor of this holiday. But the real story of Women’s Day began on March 8, 1857, when women of New York factories marched for their rights: equal salary and reduction of working hours from 16 to 10 hours daily.

In addition, activists tried to attract public attention to issues of female education, the ability to vote and working conditions. It was the time when women`s fight for their rights began. After these demonstrations, ladies entered universities and female unions appeared all over the world. On February 28, 1908, a strike of New York workers started again gathering more than 15,000 dissatisfied women on the streets. In 1910, Klara Zetkin (German politician and women right`s fighter) initiated the advent of International Women’s Day, when women from all over the world can gather for demonstrations in order to draw public attention to their social and daily problems. Starting from 1914 the International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8. And from 1975 this day is officially declared by United Nation Union as a Day of Fighting for women rights.

Interesting story why 8th of March was chosen as the date of the women’s holiday: Klara Zetkin and her political friend Rosa Luxemburg decided that number 8 looks like female shape. Therefore, they decided to schedule a holiday on the 8th 🙂

Nowadays this day is known in half of the world and normally celebrated with family and friends. Men try to treat nicely and pay attention to every important woman in his life: mother, sister, grandmother, wife or girlfriend. Sometimes women receive marriage proposals this day, which makes this date memorable. But after all, to show attention to a woman, men do not need a special day – a fairy tale can be created daily 🙂

This year Ukraine will celebrate this spring holiday 3 days long: on 7th, 8th and 9th of March. Why not to spend this weekend in Kyiv or Lviv? Our guides will be happy to show you the best of our country and help to organize your leisure.

Spring is here! Let`s start it with travelling!


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