Landscape alley (Peizazhna Alley)
Landscape Alley - recreation area in Kyiv

Landscape Alley got to the list of Kyiv attractions recently, which, however, did not prevent it from becoming very popular city attraction, a favorite spot for locals and exciting part of walking route for tourists.

Alley is located on Old Kiev Hill, which in the past was the center of ancient Kyiv. In X-XIII centuries there were lines of city defenses, and in 1980 on the site of the ancient walls laid Landscape alley. Today, you just turn off the bustling Velyka Zhytomyrska str to a stone arch (or expand the walk to St. Andrew’s descent), and you get a completely different world – the world of childhood tales and unlimited imagination.

On one hand – amazing view on Kyiv hills, on other – “live” amazing animals and fairy-tale characters, that lead to a complete delight both children and adults. In “miracle bench” – a rabbit, cat and crows covered with colorful mosaic patterns, you can see angels on huge cushions, fountains “fun elephant” and “zebra lovers”, gallery of children’s portraits (again Mosaic). Also along the wall is located a 30-meter “cat-centipede.” Legs, 40 legs, but he actually has “only” 29.

However, we could also make a mistake in calculation – visit the cat, be sure to check this fact! Climbe to his mouth and make pseudo-original extreme image in the jaws of a giant blue cat. Wonderful mood provided you and those, who you will show pictures of very photogenic Kiev landscape alley!


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