How to spend St Valentine’s Day in Kyiv?

It is the day just for two of you! How to spend your perfect 14th of February in Kyiv? UkraineToGo`s TOP 5:

  1. Try something different! Be original! Surprise your beloved one and visit the museum of science and technology, also known as «Experimentarium». It is probably the most unusual cultural and entertainment place in Kiev where you will definitely have a great time with not boring science – believe us! Adress: Kyiv, 2 Verkhniy Val street.
  2. Turn to Andrew`s descent and check cozy and atmosphere «Kanapka Bar». Let the most romantic day be started at noon with a glass of Ukrainian sparkling wine, aromatic croissants and after try best caviar sets in the city:) Who said that 14th of February begins after 7pm? Adress: Kyiv, 30A Andryivskyi Uzvis street.
  3. Missed eternal classics? Enjoy short romantic movies which are filmed in almost every cinema in Kyiv whole week before and after St.Valentine`s Day. Kind, funny, warm and inspirational – these stories can help you to open your heart for love and give pleasant emotions. Films are broadcasted in the original language (mostly in English) following with Ukrainian subtitles. 

St Vatentine's Day in Kyiv4. Old and traditional dinner is always a good idea if you want to listen to romantic music, have a drink and enjoy each other’s company! Kyiv can offer you numbers of new and suitable places: try best samples of Georgian cuisine and wine in «Suluguni» restaurant while both of you enjoy live music band performance, than move to «Koya» and taste molecular cocktails in lounge atmosphere. Let night become a morning in the best dancing place of the city – Caribbean Club! For two fall in love ones evening is not enough!

5. Kyiv is often compared to the most romantic city in the world – Paris! And it is true! In Kyiv you can feel the atmosphere of love and passion. Go to the world-famous musical «Notre Dame de Paris» performed in the Sports Palace on 14th of February. Amazing singing, tears of violins and cellos weeping will make you again fall in love with beauty. Characters of heroes are taken from the book of Victor Hugo`s Notre Dame Cathedral.

After all, everything in this world is about love. Romance starts in Kyiv 🙂


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