8th of March or International Women’s Day is the official holiday which celebrates achievements of women in political, economic and social fields. This day is very popular in Ukraine and is a public holiday. How the holiday appeared? The origin of International Women’s Day is sending us back to ancient Roman culture, when single women

An official ceremony of granting the tomos took place today in St. George’s Cathedral in Istanbul, which is the residence of the Patriarch of Constantinople. The tomos means that the Ecumenical Patriarchate recognizes a canonical, autocephalous, self-governing Orthodox Church within the limits of the politically formed territory of Ukraine. According to the Ecumenical Patriarch, this

1.        Feel cool breeze from Dnipro river, enjoy the landscape and have a promenade along the city river side. Have a rest from hot weather in «Rech`port»(Riverport) café. After refreshing cold drinks take several photos of beautiful Kyiv sunset. 2.        Boat trip with a glass of wine and nice company on one of numerous boats which are waiting for

Soon the land will be covered with snow, your friends and relatives will choose gifts for the whole family, everybody will rise champagne-full glasses and make wishes. Yes, it is December – that very magic and fairy-tale Christmas time! Our tour guides are opening new routes for you in Ukraine and want to tell about our

August 24, 2017 Ukraine celebrates 26 years since the proclamation of independence. This state holiday symbolizes the historical freedom-loving of the Ukrainian people, its unity and belief into state. For the first time the Independence Day of Ukraine was celebrated on July 16, 1991 – the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on State

Chernobyl nuclear power accident or Chernobyl disaster – the destruction of the fourth power block which happened on the 26th of April 1986 in Chernobyl nuclear power plant, located on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR (now – Ukraine). The destruction had the explosive nature and the reactor was completely destroyed. Large quantities of radioactive

Why did Ukraine’s Euromaidan protests begin? In late November 2013, Ukrainians took to the streets in peaceful protest after then-president Viktor Yanukovych chose not to sign an agreement that would have integrated the country more closely with the European Union. As the protests in Kyiv’s Independence Square, or Maidan, continued into 2014, the government began

Approaching the capital of Ukraine by car, train, boat or plane, you can see from everywhere the noble pile of the Motherland monument. The main sculpture – the figure of a woman with a shield and a sword in hands – was made of slab stainless steel and erected on a 40-meter cone pedestal. The

Pyrohiv is the museum under the open air. The exposition displays the architecture of Ukrainian villages (peasant houses, windmills, wooden churches), items of peasant life (furniture, crockery, clothes, musical instruments. Museum was found at the outskirts of Kyiv in 1976. Its territory was divided in sectors according to territorial and time principals.   Pyrohiv exhibition

Proud and magnificent figure of Prince who christened Kievan Rus is placed high on a hill over Dnieper. Saint patron of Kiev has a great cross in his right hand and the prince’s crown in left one. The statue erected on top of the iron-bent brick pedestal made in the shape of a chapel.