Motherland Monument
The Motherland monumental sculpture in Kiev

Approaching the capital of Ukraine by car, train, boat or plane, you can see from everywhere the noble pile of the Motherland monument.

The main sculpture – the figure of a woman with a shield and a sword in hands – was made of slab stainless steel and erected on a 40-meter cone pedestal. The pedestal is 62 meters high from the bottom up to the point of the sword, the total height is 102 meters, and the weight is approximately 500 tons.

Two unique elevators – sloping and vertical – were installed inside the sculpture. There is a panoramic view area for visitors at the level of 36 meters. The condition of each structure is constantly monitored by scrupulous geodesy inspections. Regular annual inspections are performed to identify any deviations from a dynamic balance. According to conclusions of leading experts, the Motherland Monument should serve for more than 150 years.

Virtual tour inside the museum

Watch the video of soviet times about how the monument was built!


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