Valentine’s Day has already become very special and a festive day for each of us, even if it is Thursday or even if you are still looking for the love of your life. So why not to try something new and special. UkraineToGo offers you it`s own original tours and ideas how to make a declaration

UkraineToGo tour agency has been taken part in Kyiv Tourism Awards for several years already. This years we got into TOP-3 of the Best Excursion Bureau and became the Second Winner. Thank you for all your support! Here is the picture of Ksenia Pletnova who is the founder of UkraineToGo.

1.        Feel cool breeze from Dnipro river, enjoy the landscape and have a promenade along the city river side. Have a rest from hot weather in «Rech`port»(Riverport) café. After refreshing cold drinks take several photos of beautiful Kyiv sunset. 2.        Boat trip with a glass of wine and nice company on one of numerous boats which are waiting for

Approaching the capital of Ukraine by car, train, boat or plane, you can see from everywhere the noble pile of the Motherland monument. The main sculpture – the figure of a woman with a shield and a sword in hands – was made of slab stainless steel and erected on a 40-meter cone pedestal. The

Pyrohiv is the museum under the open air. The exposition displays the architecture of Ukrainian villages (peasant houses, windmills, wooden churches), items of peasant life (furniture, crockery, clothes, musical instruments. Museum was found at the outskirts of Kyiv in 1976. Its territory was divided in sectors according to territorial and time principals.   Pyrohiv exhibition

Proud and magnificent figure of Prince who christened Kievan Rus is placed high on a hill over Dnieper. Saint patron of Kiev has a great cross in his right hand and the prince’s crown in left one. The statue erected on top of the iron-bent brick pedestal made in the shape of a chapel.  

It’s a monument to main characters of very famous in Ukraine play by Mykhailo Starytskyi – After Two Hares (Pronya Prokopivna Sirkova and Svirid Petrovich Golokhvastov). The story is very simple! Young man promises to marry two girls at the same time. He is looking for wealth with one girl, and for love with another.

Lovers from different countries have a tradition to place signs of love – locks, ribbons adorn signs on lovely bridges. These bridges are called “Bridges of lovers”, they are in a comfortable place with beautiful views. The capital has a bridge of lovers, and judging by the number of locks, Kiev is a city of

Cog railway (funicular) on Vladimirskaya hill is not only Kiev pecularity, but also the most swift and convenient way to get from Podol to the Upper city, to Mikhailovskaya square. Funicular history Idea of mechanical cog railway on the Dnieper hills was discussed by Kiev engineers many times. For the first time it was suggested

Landscape Alley got to the list of Kyiv attractions recently, which, however, did not prevent it from becoming very popular city attraction, a favorite spot for locals and exciting part of walking route for tourists. Alley is located on Old Kiev Hill, which in the past was the center of ancient Kyiv. In X-XIII centuries